The professional installation of your retail location has a considerable impact on your business. Not only does a quality installation make for a space that is more functional and require minimal upkeep, but it adds a distinct touch that provides a competitive advantage. Phenom can take on your installations, provide service repairs, create maintenance programs, arrange removal & storage, resets, as well as updates. We can handle everything involved in your program or individual elements that are making your job uncomfortable; we are here to help you solve any problems together.


Retail Point-of-Purchase is among the strongest experiences any brick-and-mortar customers have with your business.  Ensuring that patrons have a good experience contributes greatly to the value of your brand and encourages loyalty.

Phenom has extensive retail experience providing POP construction. Whatever your expectations are concerning your customers’ point-of-purchase experience, you can rest easy knowing Phenom has the experience and knowledge necessary to exceed them.



The store-in-store model has been rising significantly in popularity in recent years.  This has given Phenom ample opportunity to excel in providing an astounding store-in-store architecture for a broad range of industries and brands. Phenom prides itself on its ability to create incredibly functional spaces that consistently exceed expectations within the restrictions of store-in-store builds. With less space, you need design and construction expertise to create a space that delivers on both the needs and assumptions of your business and customers. With Phenom, that’s exactly what you get, every time.


Quality millwork doesn’t just look incredible, but serves as a long-lasting investment in the functionality of your commercial space and contributes to the ‘Halo Effect’ of your brand. With custom cabinetry installed by Phenom, your space won’t just look incredible but will work for your business in ways you’d never imagine.  You’ve invested in the quality of your brand, continue that trend by partnering with Phenom for your brand’s millwork installations

Custom millwork allows you to make the absolute most of your space. With custom designed shelving, office organization, hidden storage, and more; you can raise the functionality and aesthetic quality of your space.  Refresh your space, making it easier and more efficient to work in.  This provides your sales professionals the upper hand while showcasing your wares in the very best environment.

Millwork Installation


Looking to put your products on exhibit?  The environment in which they are presented is just as important as the product itself. With the wrong lighting, backdrop, or display, you risk the possibility of your customers not taking notice and your competitors gaining your market share.

Whatever you need installed, with Phenom you can rest easy knowing it’s being done right.  Your space will be enhanced by professionals that are aware of their industry and only use the most modern practices as well as using the most current reporting methods.  If you are managing a project from a remote location, we will be sure you feel as though you are right there in ‘the action’.  If you want a hands off approach, we can provide that as well, offering a fully documented post-mortem of your project to you as soon as complete.

With Phenom you are NEVER left wondering!


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