Renovations and additions require an investment of more than just money, but also time, energy, and hassle. It doesn’t have to be this way! Here we share practical tips and advice for every step of your project from when you first dream it up, to selecting a contractor, and finally post project information.

When is it a DIY renovation or a professional’s job?

When it comes to home renovation, do you enjoy being a DIY’er? Good for you! But please do your pocketbook and your relationship a favour: Know when to draw the line between when to use your index finger to pull the

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Questions, questions, and more questions!

Are you having trouble developing a home renovation budget? Don’t know where to start? Just remember, the budget is your budget. Because it is so personal, but also a business-like roadmap for your new home.  What’s the size of my budget? What should

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How important is your general contractor?

VERY! I’ve always said: “selecting a general contractor for your project should be taken as seriously as picking your doctor!” It’s extremely personal and more than a business decision. Your general contractor is being entrusted with transofrming your home and create the foundation for a lifetime of memories.

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